Hi, I’m Dr. Clive Wilder-Smith

Got guts? That relates to several of my areas of passion and expertise. Let me introduce myself.

Meet the Doctor

I am a clinical gastroenterologist and have the privilege of treating patients with all kinds of GI disorders. And yes, I am passionate about health benefits of food. I do care about your gut feeling.

Your and my aims are similar. Up-to-date and personalized treatment provided in an efficient and pleasant manner. I provide these services in the Gastroenterology Group Practice in Bern, Switzerland.

Gastroenterology Group Practice in detail

Special clincial expertise

Besides the routine GI clinics and cancer screening, my areas of special expertise are:

  • Effects of food (nutrition): food intolerances as well as health-boosting effects of food ingredients.

  • Functional gastrointestinal disorders, think irritable bowel and related syndromes.

  • Pelvic floor disorders, such as incontinence, constipation and pain syndromes..

  • Oesophageal disorders, including reflux, swallowing disorders, dental erosions, voice disorders & chronic cough.

Food: the good, the bad and the ugly 

Eating should be enjoyable and healthy. Sadly, many individuals have negative reactions to food. On the other hand, food contains many nutrients with highly benefical effects. Both aspects are of special relevance to my practice, consulting and start-ups.

To aid people with negative reactions to food I have created an extensive platform at www.foodintolerances.org to assist in the recognition of intolerances and their treatment. The identification of food intolerances is an important aspect in the treatment of pain, changes in bowel habits, bloating and other symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders.

Meet the Researcher

I sit right in the buzzing hub of the body - the dynamic communication that occurs along the brain-gut-microbiota axis. My expertise lies in translational studies, in bridging the gap between basic science and clinical treatment.

The Buzz, the Link, the Center

My buzzing research hub. It encompasses neurogastroenterology, psychoneuroimmunology, nutrition, the microbiome and the dynamic interaction with all body systems. It's an interdisciplinary research area impacting neurology, psychiatry, ageing, musculoskeletal function, pain, immunity and much beyond.

It is a research area central to common disorders still referred to as functional (such as irritable bowel syndrome), or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), food intolerances and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Brain-Gut Research Group - BGRG

At BGRG we perform translational research. We translate basic research ideas into solutions helpful to individual people. Have a look at some of our publications written between clinical practice, research investigations, start-up busyness and loving life.

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Meet the Consultant

Translational research, clinical practice and business experience provide a unique basis for solutions and innovation.

Exploring disease mechanisms while being active daily in clinical practice are key to developing innovative health solutions. For me, translational medicine encompasses concept development with innovators in new or unrelated fields, as well as concept realization in start-ups or with commercial partners. Consulting is a way of translating knowledge and experience effectively!

If you’re interested in a discussion or collaboration, check out my LinkedIn or contact me directly. Or have a browse of one of my start-ups.

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